American Veteran wooden urns

I am Tom Jones, former officer of the Woodcrafters Club of Tampa. One of our latest passions many members have been working on is wooden urns for indigent veterans. Our project began after seeing a TV news story about them finding a veteran buried in a cardboard box in the Florida Nation Cemetery in Bushnell, FL. We were shocked and outraged to think that this disgraceful treatment was given to our Veteran Hero's. I decided to do something about it and give them a dignified resting place. The Tampa Bay Times Newspaper did a story on our club project in the Sunday August 26th 2012 issue. The Times also made a great video that may be seen here

We would like to see more clubs across the county to join us in giving back to our veterans. Contact us for information in getting this project started.

The dimensions are approximately 9" long 7" wide and 6 3/4 high.  The top is permanently attached and the bottom is screwed on.  Below are some photos of some of the urns we made to give you some idea of what we are doing.  I am trying to work with the Florida Dept of Veteran Affairs and the Veteran Service Officers.  If you check on the internet for National Association of County Veteran Service Officers you will find phone numbers for them in your area.  If I can help further please let me know.

I made some progress in locating ways to distribute the urns once they are finished.  I made contact with the Director of the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell Fl and arranged to provide him with urns for indigent Veterans.  This same thing could be done with any Director across the country.  To find a National Cemetery in your area go to    at top click locations and you will see the ones in your area.  If you have, any problems just let me know and I will be glad to help.  My contact information is Tom Jones

Below are some pictures of some of the urns we have made for the indigent Veterans.

Donations are welcome to help us continue the most important work.

More info:
The size of the urns is 9 inches deep, 7 inches wide and 7-8 inches high. Theses are outside dimensions. The top should be permanently attached. On the bottom edge of the sides, make a rabbet that the bottom fits into and is secured with screws. This size should fit the niches at the National Cemeteries.

If you are interested in turning an Urn you can find a good article on how to do that in The American Association of Woodturners Magazine October 2012 Vol. 27 #5.

We have been working with an organization called Missing in America Project, local Am Vet, hospice and social workers at Veteran nursing homes. If you can get the news media to air your project, it will also generate request for the urns.

One thing I would like to add is that we have been luck because a local person with a lazar engraver volunteered to engrave our urns for us. We have them engraved with either, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine and Coast Guard seals. On the bottom of the urns we engrave the following "NOT FOR SALE (A Place to Rest) Honoring our American Hero Veteran Donated By Woodcrafters Club of Tampa" If you have some one that can do this for you it sure make it look nicer and hopefully keep anyone from trying to sell them.